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World of Origin Roshar
Universe Cosmere

A master-servant is a Vorin profession that can be held by darkeyed citizens of the second nahn. They are hired to work for well-off lighteyes and to attend to their needs. They perform a number of duties including, but not limited to, fetching refreshments and meals, delivering messages, staffing events and institutions, and even act as guides. A variety of hand signals can be used to indicate to the master-servant what task is required, or simply to request assistance.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

The standard uniform for a master-servant includes a crisp white shirt with an emblem over the breast and either black pants or a black skirt. [4][5] They also wear white gloves and sometimes tuck them in their belts.[7] Those with long hair will often wear it bound.[4] Master-servants in training have an all black uniform and there is no emblem on their shirts.[5] The refined manner in which they act is a point of pride for most master-servants, though this attitude is mocked by those of other classes.[1]

Master-servants staff the Kharbranthian Conclave and the Palanaeum.[4][8]

Szeth posed as a master-servant when he broke into the Conclave in Kharbranth to kill Taravangian.[9]

During the invasion of Urithiru master-servants often took double duty as messengers.[7]

In Urithiru, master-servants have quarters of their own, where they contain maps of the lower floors.[10]


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