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Residence Babilar
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight

What should we do? Gotta keep living."

—Marco, about Obliteration killing Steve[1]

Marco is a resident of Babilar and a friend of Missouri Williams.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is short and has short, extremely curly light brown hair with a moss-like look to it. He feels comfortable in crowds and disagrees with the Reckoners' worldview, holding a peacefully fatalistic attitude towards the state of the world.[1]


Marco was hanging out with Calaka, Infinity, and Lulu at the party in Babilar when Mizzy approached and introduced David. Shocked at David's reaction to Infinity's offer to spray paint his clothes, Marco called him weird. Mizzy then stole his drink; after the group raised a toast to Steve, he grabbed some grapes instead and began tossing them to the others. He commented on Edso's improved music. When David protested that he should be thinking about what Obliteration did to Steve, Marco and the others condemned the Reckoners, believing that their resistance only provoked the Epics and made things worse for ordinary people. They talked about the music for a while before Lulu gave Marco her drink and left to dance with David.[1] He later told Mizzy that Regalia had poached one of Revokation's personal surgeons from Great Falls.[2]


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