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Profession Pirate
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Cytonic
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Yeah, well, it’s all fun and games until your pet tries to steal the family starship and escape. Too aggressive, they decided.

—Maksim to Spensa[1]

Maksim is a human member of the Broadsiders pirate faction in the belt of the nowhere.[1] He serves on the ground crew for Cutlass Flight alongside Nuluba.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He looked a lot less like a warrior than he did like a guy who'd been lost wandering the caverns.

—Spensa on Maksim's appearance[3]

Maksim is in his early thirties, with a long scraggly beard. He has a loose appearance, and often lounges about.[3] He has a goofy smile and a ready, welcoming manner.[4] He is generally quite relaxed, and will sometimes just sit around and chat instead of working. He likes to talk, often freely giving away information.[3]


It’s all fun and games until your pet tries to steal the family starship and escape. Too aggressive, they decided. As if they hadn’t known what I was when they bought me.

—Maksim talking with Spensa[1]

Maksim was kept as a pet by a member of the Superiority, as humans are often seen as novelties. He was put through anti-aggression therapy, and was made to sit on a mat and simply hum for hours.[3] Maksim attempted to steal the family starfighter, and at some point afterward ended up in the nowhere, eventually joining up with Peg and the Broadsiders. When Spensa was captured by the Broadsiders and put to work, Maksim chatted with her about himself and the pirates. He was impressed by her mechanical skill, and explained how the six pirate factions worked to her.[1] While chatting with her, he revealed the existence of their long-range scanner, which allowed them to detect incoming ships from a distance. He continued to give her more jobs as she stayed with the Broadsiders, often making idle conversation as Spensa worked. Spensa worked to repair one of the fighters, which Maksim wanted to fly. He wanted to become a skilled pilot, so he could become pirate champion and bring respect to the Broadsiders.[3]

After Peg saw Spensa as a threat and attacked her, Spensa defeated her and claimed command of the faction, both Maksim and Nuluba drew guns on her. Spensa was able to escape with the help of [M-Bot]]. Maksim saw Spensa as she later went to retrieve her reality icon, but didn’t fire at her.[5] After Spensa agreed to Peg’s terms and joined the Broadsiders fully, Maksim finally got his own fighter. He ran practice drills with the others of Cutlass Flight, directed by Spensa. During their practice, he did IMP exercises with Peg. Maksim wasn’t very skilled, but was eager. He didn’t enjoy learning the basics, but Spensa insisted that he needed a strong foundation.[6]

The Jolly Rogers were sent running! You have no idea how good that feels!

—Maksim to Spensa after the skirmish[7]

Maksim and the others accompanied Spensa and Chet as they investigated a portal on the Path of Elders, Maksim looking for salvage with the others. As they left, Maksim spotted a heklo watching them from a distance, who was possessed by a delver.[8] As they headed back to the Broadsider Base, they found it being raided by members of the Jolly Roger Faction. Maksim was Peg’s wingmate during the battle, helping out a beleaguered Gibsey, who picked up two tails. After the battle, Maksim helped tow Spensa’s immobilized ship back to the base.[7] Maksim attended Spensa’s duel with the current pirate champion, giving her a trashy romance novel for her to read on the flight there.[9] After Spensa’s victory, when the Broadsiders celebrated, Maksim used his ship’s floodlights to create a spotlight on Spensa as she told a story. Maksim enjoyed her story, liking its theme of honor. He ate real food with Spensa, both of them talking about the strangeness of it.[10]

Thank you, for showing me that we can fight without being monsters.

—Maksim to Spensa before her departure[11]

Maksim was involved in the joint pirate assault on the Superiority base of Surehold, and moved into the station with the other pirates after their victory. He said goodbye to Spensa before she flew towards the lightburst, exchanging a hug.[11]


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