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Siblings Franson[1]
Residence Urteau
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Mailey is a seven year old girl in Urteau who got taken by the Citizen.[2] She got rescued from a burning mansion by Spook.[3]


When the Citizen took control in Urteau, Mailey's brother Franson[1] left her with a woman so he could join the underground. This woman, however, sold Mailey to the Citizen because of her noble blood from father's side.[2]

At Franson's request,[2] Spook rescued her from the Citizen's executions in which he imprisoned ten people with noble parentage in a burning building. Spook fought with and defeated the guards at a secret exit, but the last one standing grabbed Mailey and held a knife to her neck. When Spook told one of the escaping prisoners to lock the secret exit from the outside, the guard let go of Mailey, upon which Spook took the young girl in his arms and jumped out of the burning building in front of the watching crowd, and fled to get Mailey to safety.[3]


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