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World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

I am a guide, but I cannot solve a hero's problems for him. It is not the way of the Survivor, who deems that all men must make their own way.


Lyndip is Allomancer Jak's spirit guide on Scadrial. Jak claims that Lyndip appears to him during moments of great danger or difficulty. She has the appearance of a talking crow, but Jak suspects that she is one of the Faceless Immortals. She purports to follow and speak for the Survivor, and Jak regards her as sent by him.[1]

Handerwym, Jak's Terrisman steward, has never seen Lyndip and cannot confirm her existence. He suspects that at least one instance of Lyndip's appearances was a hallucination. He has also pointed out that the Faceless Immortals are a feature of Pathism, not Survivorism, but Jak does not seem to care.[1]



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