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Type Animal
Native to Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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A lurg is an amphibian native to the area of Alethkar on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Anatomy[edit]

A Lurg has six legs that allow it to cling to rocks as it moves about. Their skin is brown and green and appears slick. This slickness is likely due to the mucus that it secretes. A lurg moves by jumping quickly from place to place, leaving spots of mucus behind it. A lurg's eyes are located near the center of its back.[1] Lurgs can be as large as a fist.[2]


A lurg feeds on insects that come out during a rainstorm.[1] Lurgs will find a crevice in the rock and spin themselves a cocoon out of silk, making it spherical with their hands. The container is water-tight, sealed by the lurg's mucus, but will dissolve during a rainstorm so the lurg can come out to hunt.

Due to this unique trait, children often go hunting for lurgs to pour water on them and dissolve the cocoon, tricking the lurg into running about.[1] The children also sometimes keep them for pranks, such as putting a lurg into someone's bathwater.


  • Kaladin and Tien enjoyed playing with lurgs while they were growing up in Hearthstone.[1]
  • While Kaladin and Syl are hiking to Hearthstone in the wake of the Everstorm, Syl spots a lurg. She is entertained by it and briefly changes form to imitate it.[2]
  • In Shadesmar, anticipation spren have a bulbous body and squat legs and are described as lurglike.[3]


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