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Profession Survivalist
Groups Aspect
Homeworld Earth (Legion)

Lua is one of Stephen Leeds' aspects.

He is a Samoan survivalist who is described as a beefy man with a big smile. He weighs about three hundred pounds. In the White Room he would start conversations with whoever was closest.[1]

Lua builds a "stone age" house in his spare time, using only technology he could build by himself. When Jenny manifests and Stephen begins losing aspects, he is working on the hearth of the house.[2] He also runs or helps run a Cub Scout troop.[3]

While Stephen is chasing after Sandra, Lua left the house to grab something from his survival hut, but he disappeared.[4] He then showed up to help Stephen escape the survival-island simulation. Claiming that he had broken too many rules by teleporting and constructing a catamaran instantaneously, he vanishes without becoming a nightmare.[5]


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