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Profession Superiority pilots
Species Heklo
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Cytonic

They're never going to let you out of here, Lorn. They don't care about you. Why are you still loyal?

Peg to Lorn[1]

Lorn is a heklo pilot that works for the Superiority, and is the base commander at the Superiority outpost of Surehold.[2] He commands the group of fighter pilots defending Surehold, but only does so because the Superiority holds family captive.[1]


You promise to do this for me? For everyone they're holding? You'll get them back through so we can be together?

—Lorn to Peg[1]

Lorn was forced to serve the Superiority when they took his family and sent him to the nowhere. Lorn knew Peg, before Peg had to leave the station and become a pirate. Lorn made an alliance with Vlep and the Cannonade Faction when Peg and the other pirate factions assaulted Surehold as one. Lorn and his pilots fought against the attackers, but when Vlep and his ships left the battle, Lorn was defeated.

Lorn initially wouldn't surrender, since the Superiority held his family, but Peg convinced him to join her side. Peg suggested that with Lorn's knowledge of Surehold's security codes, they could easily take the base, and seize the acclivity stone held there. They could then hold the acclivity stone as a ransom to make the Superiority return Lorn's family, as well as the families of Lorn's companions. Lorn agreed, making Peg promise to do as she said, then warned her that they'd have to isolate and capture Superiority agents on the station, who had been sent to keep an eye him.[1] With Lorn handing over security codes to Peg, they deactivated the anti-aircraft turrets so they could approach Surehold safely. Lorn led Peg and her sons to the base security center, where they obtained weapons, and sent out a call for all personnel to go to their quarters, making it easier to find and take care of dissidents. The base was taken smoothly, allowing Spensa and Chet to gain access.[2]


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