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Profession Servant
Nationality Hallandren
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Lolan is a servant at Mercystar's palace in Hallandren on Nalthis circa 327.[1]

When Vasher infiltrated the palace, he encountered a group of four servants in the hallway. He used his common distraction tactic of throwing Nightblood (in his sheath) at the group, and also tied up Taff with an Awakened rope. Lolan picked up Nightblood, thinking he might use it against the attacker, while Rariv and the remaining servant ran for help. Vasher then knocked Lolan out while he was distracted by the sword.[1] Taff was subsequently killed by Denth,[2] but Lolan was spared, presumably because he was unconscious and would not have been able to identify Denth.

Lolan recounted his version of the events during an investigation by Lightsong, and was hesitant to show his injured hand.[1] He eventually revealed that his hand had turned gray, meaning that he started to draw Nightblood and the sword began to consume his soul.[1][3] This implies that Nightblood regarded Lolan as "evil",[4] and he was indeed repentant after speaking to Lightsong.[1]


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