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Profession Head of staff
World Scadrial
Featured In The Alloy of Law

Limmi was a member of House Ladrian's household, the head of the ground-floor staff.[1]

Lord Waxillium Ladrian had Limmi draft his response to House Yomen, indicating that he and Lady Steris Harms would be attending their wedding reception. Soon afterward, when Lord Harms visited Ladrian manor, Limmi was unable to stop him from interrupting Wax and Wayne's conversation about the Vanishers, despite her best efforts.

Later, while further investigating the Vanishers, Wax had Limmi bring him broadsheets from the Elendel Daily covering recent events and the robberies in particular.[2]

Tillaume, Wax's butler, knocked Limmi out prior to his assassination attempt on Wax.[3] He hid her and Miss Grimes in a closet, presumably to protect them from the potential explosion.


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