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World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

A Light-line is a technology device that takes the form of a bracelet.[1] It can project weightless glowing ropes that can be attached to two different objects. While being created, the lines must be in contact with the device, but multiple lines can then exist alone until the power given to the lines have run out.[1] This device is especially useful when exploring cave systems or descending heights, as demonstrated by Spensa and her father's usage.[1] It is quite durable, needing only to be charged once a while to function over ten years.[citation needed]

It resembles a mini version of the Light-lance used on DDF starfighters.[2] They are used by pilots and can be requisitioned from the quartermaster.[2] Spensa's light-line is unknown to the DDF, and although Cobb is aware of it, he has not reported it.[2]

Technology such as light-lines[3] survived the crash of the Defiant onto Detritus, as well as subsequent destruction of the fleets electronic archive, and have been passed down through the generations.[3] Before the crash, light-lines were used by the engineers while they worked on ship machinery in zero gravity.[2]


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