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Leras's knife
Type Weapon
Owner Leras
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

I'm Preservation. The knife ... I haven’t actually drawn it in millennia. You speak of acting like [Ruin], as he pretended I would act! It’s horrible!

Leras's knife is a knife of unknown origin that belongs to Leras. Its handle is made of bone.[2]

Leras refers to the knife as an "old friend," and hasn't drawn it in millennia,[1] which may suggest it is from Yolen and predates the Shattering of Adonalsium.

When Vin and Elend Venture arrived at the Well of Ascension, Kelsier suggested that Leras stab Elend with the knife to try to encourage Vin to use the power of the Well to heal Elend rather than accidentally release it to Ruin. When, as a result of Preservation's influence on his mind, Leras proved unable to do so, Kelsier grabed his arm and slashed the knife across Elend's stomach.[1] Despite his inability to use the weapon, Leras still reached for it when Kelsier made a fist at him.[2] Leras does not need to actually draw the knife; he instead reaches for it on his belt, after which his hand shimmers and then the knife appears.[1]

It is unclear what happened to the knife after Leras's death. His body appeared in the ash outside Fadrex City;[3] it is possible the knife was with that corpse. If that is the case, it may well be gone, as Sazed did not do anything with the bodies of Ati and Leras during his Ascension.[4]


  • Brandon has RAFO'd whether or not waving the knife over a candle would cause the candle to light,[5] and whether or not the knife is a kind of Shardblade.[6]


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