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Profession Soldier
Groups Delta Squadron
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Lee is a soldier who is in Hershel's squad during the raid on a Russian satellite, when Calamity granted powers to all the Epics.[1]


Along with the rest of his squad, Lee traveled to Siberia to sabotage a Russian satellite facility, dropping in a distance from the target and then closing in on foot. They were delayed by the appearance of Calamity in the sky, and Specialist Jackson having a fit. The next day, they made their approach. When things escalated, Jackson used his newly gained powers and shot off O'Brien’s arm. Lee and the other members of the squad were alarmed, and aimed their guns at Jackson. Lee was outraged, and ordered Jackson to get on the ground and interlock his hands behind his head. Jackson told Lee to put down his weapon, and that he was safe with him. Lee refused, and shot Jackson in the chest several times. The bullets didn't harm Jackson, and he was furious at the betrayal. Lee shot the rest of his magazine at Jackson, who proceeded to kill Lee with blasts of energy.[1]


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