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Died 342 PC[1]
Profession Priest
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Larskpur was a Pathian missionary from Elendel on Scadrial.[2] He was killed by Paalm so that she could impersonate him and implicate him in the killing of Father Bin, a Survivorist priest.[1]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Larskpur is described as a small man who "barely fit his robes".[2] He wears a simple smock in the Pathian style.[2]


Larskpur tended to show up at community functions to represent Pathism, even though the majority of the people at the events were usually Survivorists.[2]

He showed up at a chapel in Elendel that had around a thousand attendees, and walked up to the dais to give a shocking speech blaspheming the Survivor and his actions.[2] The attendees eventually realized that his hands were covered in blood, and he dropped a curtain to reveal the corpse of Father Bin nailed to the wall with spikes through the eyes.[2] Larskpur slipped away while the crowd was horrified.[1]

As Wax and Marasi investigated the murder, they theorized that the kandra known as "Bleeder" was trying to drive a wedge between the Pathians and Survivorists.[2] Wax later confirmed that Bleeder had posed as Larskpur and committed the murder.[1] After escaping the chapel, Bleeder rode in a coach driven by Chapaou and transformed out of her guise as Larskpur, leaving a pile of bones on the seat.[1] She had presumably killed Larskpur at some point before her appearance in the chapel in order to use his bones to impersonate him.


  • Brandon once interacted with fan and author V. M. Jaskiernia on Reddit after reading a portion of her unpublished novel titled Larkspur, or A Necromancer's Romance.[3] She received positive feedback from Brandon and later published the book, at one point accidentally spelling the title "Larskpur" in a Reddit thread.[4] This interaction occurred before the publication of Shadows of Self, and it is possible that the character name Larskpur was intended as a cameo.


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