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Larcener is an Epic of the Coven. He is a tall and lanky young man, with pale skin, short black hair,[1] and a nasal voice.[2] He is lazy and complains a lot, and refuses to help the Reckoners defeat Limelight.

Spoiler Warning

The following link contains major spoilers for the whole of Calamity and to lesser extent The Reckoners series as a whole. Please be very sure you have either read the book or are happy to be spoiled on some major points of the story.



This is his main power. If he touches someone, he can steal their power. He has done this to several Epics, and managed to steal many different powers.
Danger Sense
Impervious Skin
Larcener can project his consciousness and powers into a fake body (though it looks exactly like him). He can retreat back to his original body if the decoy is threatened.
Salt Transformation
Manipulate Heat
Manipulate Cold
He can conjure any object he wishes at will.
Larcener can put anyone to sleep simply by touching them.

He most likely has more powers than these, but never uses them.