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World of Origin Alornia
Universe Wode States

Lancing is the magic system in the State of Alornia. It is usable by a single person, Kairominas, the Liveborn emperor of Alornia. When Lancing, Kai's vision enters a state called Lancesight, and he can manipulate energy. While in the Maltese, Sophie uses hacking to allow Lancing to function, but instead of letting Kai manipulate energy, it only lets him absorb heat.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

In General[edit]

Lancing allows the practitioner to manipulate energy. Kai channels heat into a cup of tea, creates barriers that he can use to fly, and even controls the weather around the capital city of Alornia with the help of an Aurorastone.[1] Lancing also allows Kai to utilize his Boosts, turning them on or off.[2]


With Lancesight, I could see the core workings of all things, the very motes of energy—or thought, or whatever they were—that made up my reality.


Lancesight is the term used to describe what Kai sees as he is Lancing. While in Lancesight, the world around Kai dims, with the exception of the Grand Aurora, which is what lights his world while he's in Lancesight. Lancesight also allows Kai to feel warmth from the Grand Aurora on his bare skin, in addition to the Grand Aurora's light piercing through objects, allowing Kai to see it even when indoors. He is able to easily notice abnormalities within his world, such as hacks and Boosts, as well.[1]


Kai's barriers act as magical walls, and Kai can make them invisible if he so chooses. Kai uses these walls not only as shields, but also as platforms to fly.[1]. The barriers can also be used to translate language, allowing Kai to converse with people who speak differently than he does.[3]

Maltese Alteration[edit]

While on Maltese, Kai has Sophie hack into the State's coding to enable him to use Lancing, but the result of her hack is inevitably different than what Kai is used to.


When Kai attempts to Lance, he absorbs heat rather than energy in general. He is capable of absorbing at a fast enough rate to turn water into ice near instantly, and even causes atoms to reach 0 Kelvin. After absorbing the heat, though, it simply dissipates from his body, and he is unable to make use of the energy like he could normally.[4]


Kai's Lancesight has been altered as well, and now he can see heat being released by objects. When looking at Sophie, Kai notes that she looks like a "blazing source of energy." He also notes that he can see the movement of atoms, and as he absorbs heat, they slow and eventually stop moving altogether.[4]


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