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World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

Some scholars say that the Manywar was fought over these flower petals, that the kingdoms of Kuth and Huth were destroyed by little drips of color.

Hoid to Lightsong and Siri.[1]

Kuth is a nation-state on Nalthis.[1]


Kuth lies north of the Idrian mountains.[2][3] Not much is known of Kuth’s climate, although it is known to be either a prairie or a steppe or a desert climate.[1]



Kuth is a kingdom, and as such it has a king or queen.[1]

Foreign Policy and international relationshipsEdit


Kuth has a bad relationship with Hanald.[1] They are jealous of the riches Hanald posseses,[1] as well as afraid of Hanald's military might.

This eventually lead to Hanald declaring war on Kuth, and invading the Kingdom.[1]


Huth lies near Kuth, north of the Idrian mountains.[1] They also fought together during the Manywar, with each of the nations being invaded by Hanald.[1]

Pahn UnityEdit

It is unclear whether or not Kuth was a part of the Pahn Unity.

During the Manywar Kuth was on the same side as the Pahn Unity.[1] Due to this it is likely that they had at least fine relationships with the nations that made up this alliance.



Kuth was established at an unknown date before the Manywar.[1]

Tensions with HanaldEdit

Approximately three hundred years before the Pahn Kahl rebellion, a short time before the Manywar, tensions with Hanald were at an all time high.[1] This was because of two main reasons.

The first reason was Hanald’s monopoly on the dye trade.[1] Other kingdoms wished to profit in this trade as well, but Hanald wouldn’t allow them.[1]

Hanald’s Royals also turned its attention to the relatively new art of Awakening.[1] During this time they gained powerful awakeners and Lifeless, which other kingdoms didn’t have.[1] Many different discoveries were made during this time, including the command to make Lifeless with a single breath and Ichor-alcohol. These discoveries allowed nations to build far larger and cheaper armies,[1] and become far more powerful, raising tensions even higher.

At some point, one of the Returned in Hanald had a vision of war.[1] This ended up being the catalyst for a war, as it prompted Strifelover to strike preemptively against Kuth and the other nations.[1]

The Manywar and DestructionEdit

As Strifelover marched his phantoms into Kuth and Huth what was to become known as the Manywar broke out.[1]

Kuth and Huth would become Hanald’s main rivals in this war.[4] These nations would fight with each other for the remaining time of the war, until somewhere near the end both nations were destroyed[1] and Strifelover withdrew his phantoms.

After the destruction of Kuth multiple kingdoms were established in its place, these nations would keep their hatred for Hallandren.[5] Three hundred years after Kuth’s collapse a tyrant tried to restore Kuth and Huth, with the help of Yesteel.[4]


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