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Nation Rira
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Kurth, also known as the City of Lightning,[1] is an island city in Rira on Roshar.[2][3] It is the location of one of the ten Oathgates that are connected to Urithiru.[4]


Kurth is situated in northwestern Roshar, a warm area of the continent. The city is on an island in the Reshi Sea just off the east coast of the main Riran landmass. Kurth is on the west side of the island.[3]

Kurth was once the capital of the Silver Kingdom of Rishir.[5] Despite Kurth's seemingly remote location in Rishir's territory, an Oathgate was constructed there to serve the kingdom and its people.[4] After the Silver Kingdoms era, Rishir became the modern-day Reshi Isles, but the island that contains Kurth ended up as part of the nearby nation of Rira. Kurth is likely the largest city in Rira.[3]


While planning how to unite the nations of Roshar in the wake of the Everstorm, members of Dalinar Kholin's coalition hoped to open and secure the Kurth Oathgate. However, Rira did not respond to Dalinar's attempts at diplomacy. The Iriali, who claimed Rira as a vassal, held a grudge against Dalinar for marrying Evi after she had taken a set of Shardplate out of Rira; they flatly refused to work with him.[6][7] During the True Desolation, the forces of Odium secured the area by allying themselves with the Rirans and Iriali;[8] Odium's forces presumably controlled Kurth and its Oathgate as the war began in earnest.[9]


The origin of Kurth's nickname as the "City of Lightning" is not known. However, the city is well-known even in rural Alethkar. In his youth, Kaladin heard stories about Kurth, Rall Elorim, and other exotic-sounding locales that encouraged his desire to join Torol Sadeas's army in order to see what other lands are like.[1]


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