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Spouse Ashravan
Died [1]
Titles Empress of the Rose Empire
Nationality Grand
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Kurshina is the former Empress of the Rose Empire on Sel.[2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kurshina has red hair.[3] Little else is known about her, but she is likely close in age to her husband, Emperor Ashravan, who is forty.[1]


During an assassination attempt against Ashravan by the Glory Faction, Kurshina was killed and Ashravan sustained a brain injury that put him in a vegetative state.[1] Kurshina's death allowed the arbiters from the Heritage Faction to keep Ashravan's condition secret from the empire, since tradition allowed him to have a mourning period of one hundred days.[1] The arbiters publicly claimed that Ashravan had sequestered himself while he mourned, enlisting Shai to try to make an Essence Mark and fix Ashravan's mind before the end of the mourning period.[1]

During Shai's detailed research into Ashravan's life, she discovered that Ashravan's first love from a storybook had red hair; Shai believed that this subconsciously drew him to Kurshina.[3] She also discovered that Ashravan once nearly had an affair.[3]

After Ashravan was stamped with Shai's Essence Mark and woke up, he remembered Kurshina's death. Shai could see that this caused him intense grief, although he hid it quickly.[2] He later vowed to punish his wife's murderers.[4]


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