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Profession Ardent
Residence Urithiru
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Most people, they want to ignore men like him. They shove them off to the ardents. You might think us callous, but we're the only ones who care. Who try.

—Kuno to Kaladin[1]

Kuno is an ardent on Roshar.[2] He serves in the Devotary of Mercy alongside Yara.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kuno is a younger man; like all ardents, he has a shaved head. He has poor eyesight and wears spectacles that he frequently polishes.[1]

In his role at the Devotary of Mercy, Kuno is somewhat inattentive and generally unexcitable. He follows typical Alethi customs regarding hierarchy and bureaucracy. He is initially defensive of the ardentia's methods of treating those with mental illness, but is willing to admit that Kaladin has an insight that they do not.[1] He becomes visibly nervous about punishment from the Fused during the occupation of Urithiru.[2]


With all due respect, Brightlord, you should leave medical issues to those trained in them.

—Kuno to Kaladin[1]

Kuno opened the door for Kaladin and Teft when they arrived looking for Noril. He refused to reveal patient information to them until Teft summoned Phendorana to prove that they were of sufficient authority. He brought them to Noril's room after explaining that the man had tried to commit suicide. On the way, he defended the ardentia while Teft expressed disbelief that keeping the patients locked up in the dark would help; a disgruntled Kaladin plied Kuno with questions regarding treatment. After warning them of Noril's instability, Kuno allowed the two into the room to speak with him.[1]

When Kaladin helped Noril to his feet to take him outside so they could talk, Kuno protested that he couldn't do that. He quailed under Kaladin's glare, however, and settled for following the little group to the balcony. Kuno was astonished to see that Noril was talking with Kaladin and Teft, and he was embarrassed to realize that they had been right all along. Kaladin grilled him on what they were taught to do for people with various mental ailments, and Noril confessed that the treatment was all the same: lock them up in the dark to avoid overstimulation. He realized that they needed to do something different for the sake of the patients, but expressed to Kaladin that it would take a lot of time and resources to change things in the ardentia. Kaladin asked that Noril be released into his care instead and warned Kuno that he would be back for the others.[1]

After the Fused took over Urithiru and Kaladin fled from them with an unconscious Teft, Kaladin realized that the Devotary of Mercy would be a good place to go for supplies. Kuno was reading when Kaladin arrived; after recognizing Kaladin he took him to a storeroom and let him collect what he needed, although they did not have any broth or weapons in the sanitarium. Although he respected Kaladin, Kuno was profusely sweating at the prospect of the Fused learning that that he was aiding one of their enemies. When Kaladin alluded to his return for more supplies at a later date, Kuno nervously agreed that he could keep quiet. Kaladin realized that the young ardent could use a boost of confidence, so he let Kuno see him drink in some Stormlight before leaving.[2]


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