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Era Classical Scadrial
World Scadrial
Featured In The Final Empire

Many think that my journey started in Khlennium that great city of wonder. They forget that I was no king when my quest began. Far from it.
I think it would do men well to remember that this task was not begun by emperors, priests, prophets, or generals. It didn't start in Khlennium or Kordel, not did it come from the great nations to the east or or the fiery empire of the West.
It began in a small, unimportant town whose name would mean nothing to you. It began with a youth, the son of a blacksmith, who was unremarkable in every way - except, perhaps, in his ability to get into trouble.
It began with me.

Kordel was a location during the Classical Era of Scadrial. Alendi mentions in his journal that, like many other locations, his quest did not begin in Kordel.[1]

Kordel was mentioned in the same breath as Khlennium, and so was possibly a city of importance.


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