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Type Fish
Native to Purelake
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The kolgril is a fish native to the Purelake.[1]

The locals of the Purelake believe that the kolgril is very lucky. It is said to cure aching joints for a month after being eaten, and some also report that it allows you to read the shapes of the clouds to determine when friends are going to visit.[1] It is likely that these rumors are true, to an extent, as many of the fish in the Purelake have formed symbiotic bonds with spren[2], making them Invested in some way--not unlike Ryshadium[3] or Aviar.[4]

Ishikk caught a kolgril one morning and offered it as a gift to Maib, who had a particular liking for the fish due to aches in her fingers, in order to put her in his debt and avoid her ongoing attempts to bait him into marriage.[1]


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