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United Isles of America
United Isles of America.jpg
World Earth (Rithmatist)

The United Isles of America are a coalition of sixty islands.[1]


As a whole, the islands are vaguely shaped like the USA, part of Canada and Mexico. A few islands are roughly outlined like the states, as in the case of Idaho or Texas, but most bear no resemblance to their namesakes.


Aside from streets there were springrails for movement over greater distances. Even different islands are connected with springrail routes.


There's not much known about the ancient history of the United Isles. When the JoSeun conquered Britannia, many refugees, including King Gregory III, fled to the United Isles.


Little culture is referenced or explained, but the people of the United Isles seem to be focused and content. There seems to be much class division between the rich and the poor. The people seem to be kept uninformed about what is going on in some of the other islands, most notably Nebrask.

English is the official language of the United Isles, though there seems to be Spanish, French, and Portuguese-dominated islands.


The main religion is the Church of the Monarch. It is closely associated with Rithmatics because the inception ceremony grants a Rithmatist his or her powers.

The Sixty Islands[edit]

  1. Vancouver
  2. Jasper
  3. Albert (Calgarius Academy)
  4. Rupert
  5. Manitoba
  6. Keewatin
  7. Hudson
  8. Canadia (Académie de Montréal)
  9. Green Mountain
  10. Acadia
  11. Newfoundland
  12. Maineford (Maineford Academy)
  13. Plymouth
  14. New Holland
  15. Cascadia
  16. Idaho
  17. Yellowstone
  18. Montana
  19. Dakote
  20. Minnesota
  21. Marquette
  22. Wisconsin
  23. Milwauk
  24. Huron
  25. Decatur
  26. Michigan
  27. Ontaria
  28. Erie
  29. Rhodes
  30. Baltimore
  31. New Guernsey
  32. Pitt
  33. Wyoming
  34. Carson
  35. Bonneville
  36. Denver (Denver Academy)
  37. Nebrask with the Tower of Nebrask
  38. Sioux
  39. Saint Louis
  40. Kokomo (Our Lady of the Circle Academy)
  41. Cincinnatus
  42. New Britannia (Armedius Academy)
  43. Zona Arida
  44. Santa Fe
  45. Rocky Mountain
  46. Texas
  47. Tulsa
  48. Ozark
  49. Tennessee
  50. Crockett
  51. New France
  52. Georgiabama
  53. West Carolina
  54. East Carolina
  55. The Floridian Atolls
  56. Coronado
  57. Viscay
  58. Mexica
  59. New Espania (Academia de la Rueda Divina)
  60. The Californian Archipelago (Valendar Academy)

Notable Persons[edit]


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