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Groups Librarian, Scrivener's Bones
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

You will fall, Smedry! The Librarians will have your blood! It will be spilt on an altar to make the very Lenses we’ll use to destroy your kingdoms, break that which you love, and enslave those who follow you. You may have beaten me, but you will fall!

—Kilimanjaro's last words before turning into a Curator [1]

Kilimanjaro, or Kiliman, is a member of the Scrivener's Bones faction of librarians.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kiliman is about 7 feet tall and the entire left side of his body has been replaced with Alivened clockwork. His Alivened arm is much longer than his human arm. His left "eye" is made of dark Alivener's Glass. As a result of his transformation, he has a ragged voice. [3][2][4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kilimanjaro isn't an Oculator, so he uses blood-forged lenses. His arsenal contains a Frostbringer's Lens, a Voidstormer's Lens, a Tracker's Lens and a Courier's Lens.[4][1]

He is also a competent pilot, able to control an F15 fighter modified with ice-power dark Oculary.


He is hired by an unknown Librarian to retrieve the Translator's Lenses that Alcatraz possessed at any cost;[2] Alcatraz believed it was his mother who hired him.[5] He chases Alcatraz from an airport in the hushlands in an F15 fighter that had been modified with dark Oculary. Alcatraz uses his breaking talent to completely destroy the jet, but he still manages to follow them to the Library of Alexandria.[6][7] Alcatraz manages to lose him for a time by entering the library, but eventually Kiliman captures Draulin, rips out her Fleshstone and uses her to force Alcatraz to hand over the Translator's Lenses. [2]

Alcatraz, Australia and Bastille use the Discerner's Lenses to find the center of the library and thus also Kiliman. Australia uses her talent to change her form to resemble that of the Curators of the library and sneaks past Kiliman to release Kaz, who Kiliman has captured and tied up. Bastille cleverly uses a tripwire tied to one of the boots with Grappler's Glass to retrieve her mother's Fleshstone before tossing it to Kaz. Kaz then escapes with Australia and Draulin.[4]

Alcatraz and Bastille continue to fight what appears to be a losing battle with Kiliman, but manage to retrieve the Translators lens when Bastille tackles him. Alcatraz finally defeats Kiliman by tricking him into pulling a book off a shelf by tying a piece of trip wire between the recovered Translator's Lenses and a scroll. As soon as Kiliman grabs the Translator's Lenses with his Voidstormer's Lens, the scroll falls from the shelf and Kiliman's soul is forfeit. Kilimanjaro becomes a Curator with half a skull and his mechanic parts fell apart.[1]


His name is a reference to Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. The abbreviated form of his name could also be seen as a reference to his mission or purpose (Kill A Man).


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