Ker'Reen Philosophy

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Ker'Reen Philosophy
Related to Kerzta
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Here on Dayside the sun is king. Ker'Reen Philosophy, the religion of Kerztians, calls the sun the manifestation of the Sand Lord, the source of man's autonomy and independence.


Ker'Reen Philosophy is the predominant religion of Kerzta.

The philosophy calls for worship of the sun, teaching that it is the manifestation of the Sand Lord and the source of autonomy and independence. The Ker'Reen Philosophy denounces the use of sand mastery as heresy, which has led to war between Kerzta and Lossand in the past.

The priest DaiKeen oversees the religion among Kerztians. They are led by the A'Kar, or high priest. Members of the priest DaiKeen are traditionally marked by square-shaped scars on their foreheads, though some have recently been found to wear X-shaped scars similar to the tattoos of the warrior DaiKeen. Members of the clergy speak Karshad.[1]

The KerKor is the primary religious text of the Ker'Reen religion.[2]


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