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Profession Medical technician
Groups DDF
Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Evershore

Kel is a medical technician in the Defiant Defense Force.[1]


Kel traveled to Evershore with Skyward Flight and Winnow to recover Cobb and Gran-Gran.[1] While things were worked out with the Kitsen, Kel and Winnow stayed to work on Cobb and Gran-Gran. They tried to move them out of the medical tent on stretchers, but their condition began to immediately deteriorate the further away from their original position they got. Kel later reported to FM that their blood pressure had begun to drop, their heart rate becoming irregular. They decided it was better to keep them in their current position, until they knew more.[2] Kel, along with Winnow, stayed with Cobb and Gran-Gran even as the Superiority attacked and the battle raged. They stayed indoors as the battle occurred, and Jorgen warned Kel to keep an eye on the rising tide levels, which were caused by Detritus arrival near Evershore.[3] After the battle was over, Kel and Winnow carried Cobb and Gran-Gran to the transport ship on stretchers, despite Gran-Gran's loud protests that she was able to walk.[4]


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