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Relatives Lunamor
Died Duel with Torol Sadeas[1]
Nationality Unkalaki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

I am a fool. I would blame the air, but I was a fool above too. A fool to ever let Kef'ha leave on this errand of stupidity.

Kef'ha is an Unkalaki nuatoma on Roshar.


Kef'ha left the Horneater Peaks together with members of his family, including Lunamor, seeking to gain Shardplate and Shardblade for his clan. Believing that it would be easier to win against a Shardbearer with no Shardblade, Kef'ha challenged Highprince Torol Sadeas to a duel, with Sadeas' Shardplate on the line. Kef'ha was killed in the duel,[1] which Lunamor claims was not contested "properly".[2]

It is unclear what exactly was offered as stake by Kef'ha, but the Unkalaki usually have to offer a large amount of riches in order to gain an opportunity to duel. Lunamor and the other members of Kef'ha's household became Sadeas' servants (and effectively slaves) after his death.[1] Both Tifi and Sinaku'a were killed for raising weapons in vengeance against Sadeas.[2] Lunamor was angry enough over Kef'ha's death that he served Sadeas food with chull dung in it; this is what led to Lunamor being made a bridgeman.[1]


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