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House Smedry
Type Family
Homeland Free Kingdoms
World of Origin Earth (Alcatraz)

House Smedry was a noble family of the Free Kingdoms. They were notable for their magical Talents.


Allekatrase the Lens-wielder of Incarna became the first Smedry (a corruption of the Incarnan for Lens-wielder). He broke the Incarnan language and time itself in an attempt to stop others from gaining the Dark Talent.[1][2]

Eventually, the kingdom of Smedrious was founded.

A later king abdicated his throne and the kingdom was abolished and absorbed into Nalhalla. The Smedry family became high-nobility. They kept a permanent seat in the Council of Kings.[3]

Attica collects the Sands of Rashid and bequeaths them to his son Alcatraz.[4] He then visits the Library of Alexandria and becomes one of the curators, only being released again by Alcatraz.[5] He announces to the world that he has found a way of giving anyone a Talent.[6]

Family Tree[edit]

House Smedry family lineage
Other members include Allekatrase, Libby, Millhaven[7], Alcatraz VII, and a number of ancestors to Leavenworth and his descendants which shared their names


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