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Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Kath is the governess of Maxillium and Tindwyl Ladrian on Scadrial.[1]


When Waxillium and his family left after the bill. Max wanted to fly with his dad over Elendel, so Waxillium asked Kath to give him the harness with which he can by strap Max to his back.[2]

Max's fascination with heights makes Kath uncomfortable.[3]

When Wax and Steris went together to the Ladrian Mansion to do experiments on trellium, they decided to keep Max and with Kath, as it’s not safe for him to be near them while they're experimenting with trellium, and Max's history tutor was coming anyway.[4]

While Wax was trying to stop the bomb and Steris was trying to prepare the city for the coming threat, Steris decided that it's safer to send Max and Tindwyl with Kath to her father's estate to the south of Elendel.[5]

After Wax goes out of the hospital after the explosion, Kath brings Max and Tindwyl from Jackstom Harms's estate. Steris wished them to have been late.[6]

Kath gave Steris the letter the Mayor sent her, where he asked her to become Elendel's Disaster Preparations Officer.[6]


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