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Children Opais
Died Invasion of Arelon
Abilities Elantrian
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Nationality Arelene
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Elantris

Karata was an Arelene Elantrian from Sel.She led one of the gangs in the Elantris prior to Raoden's arrival. She lived in the Elantrian palace,[1] where she sheltered the children who had been taken by the Shaod.[2]

She personally approached each new Elantrian arrival that entered her territory first, taking their offering but rarely if ever harming them.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Through the effects of the incomplete Shaod, Karata was bald and had grey wrinkled skin covered with dark splotches.


Karata had lived in Kae with her husband, who was a Royal Guard, and had a little daughter, Opais, before she was taken by the Shaod. She first met her husband while serving as a nurse for a group of mercenaries. Upon being thrown into Elantris she became one of the three gang leaders within the city. She took over the former palace, her territory bordering closely to that of Aanden. The food of anyone thrown into Elantris who took their first step forward instead of left or right was considered the property of her gang. She would personally go to the gate and take the food from them, trying not to use force unless it was necessary unlike Shaor and Aanden's men.

When Raoden was cast into the city he learnt that she had escaped Elantris three times in the past and had been caught trying to break into the palace of Kae, causing rumours she wanted to assassinate King Iadon. When Raoden began to form New Elantris it was closest to Karata's territory and she sent her men to attack them, destroy what they had built and steal their food, thinking he was trying to start a rival gang. Raoden asked her to call off her men if he snuck her out of Elantris and got her into the palace. She agreed and they escaped via a well. When outside the palace he asked her not to hurt Iadon, causing her to realise he was Prince Raoden. She revealed she didn't want to kill Iadon, she only wanted to see her child. Once inside Karata was able to spend time with her child before her husband, whilst on patrol, spotted them. He didn't recognise Karata due to the Shaod altering her appearance and he attacked her, although Raoden tricked him into believing they cast a spell on him which would kill him if he moved. With Karata's husband terrified of moving they were able to get away and Karata thanked Raoden for resolving the matter without killing her husband.[2]

Karata then took Raoden to the palace within Elantris and showed him a room. In the room, Raoden found that Karata had been taking all the children thrown into Elantris and giving them a safe place to play and enough food to eat.

Karata became one of Raoden's closest companions and allies within Elantris, watching closely over New Elantris and warning him about the movements and actions being taken by and against the other gang leaders, Aanden and Shaor.

She also took Raoden to the structure with the secret library beneath it that led to the pool that dissolved Elantrian bodies.

During the Invasion of Arelon, Derethi soldiers and Dakhor monks attacked New Elantris. Only Karata and Galladon escaped. They went into Kae, looking for Raoden and found he had already been Hoed. Karata and the distraught Galladon agreed to take Raoden, dissolve him in the pool and then dissolve themselves too. However, when they placed Raoden in the pool he got back up and began to charge down the hill.

Frantic, Raoden was drawing the Chasm into the base Aon in Elantris when Fjordell soldiers tried to stop him. Karata and Galladon where uncertain what he was trying to do but agreed that they couldn't let the Fjordell soldiers stop him so attacked the soldiers. In the fighting Karata was beheaded, one of the few ways to permanently kill an Elantrian. A few seconds later Raoden completed the Aon, restoring the Elantrians to full power.[3]

She is buried in beside Eondel, Roial, Saolin, and Hrathen in one of the graves dedicated to those who had fought for Arelon [4]


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