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Kandra Homeland
TenSoon's Judgement by Marc Mestre.jpg
Dominance Central Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Homeland was the secret, underground nation of the kandra on Scadrial during the Final Empire.

It was located in the same mountain range as the Arguois caverns and the Pits of Hathsin, in fact many of its tunnels connected to the latter and had to be kept blocked and guarded. It was located close to Luthadel.[1] After Harmony remade the world an entrance to the Homeland was placed directly under the Field of Rebirth. The caverns of the Homeland were said to be quite large, too large to be filled by the kandra, some members liked the solitude they provided after decades out on Contracts.[2]

The Trustwarren[edit]

He soon realized that their destination must be the Trustwarren. He would argue his defense in his people's most sacred place

TenSoon, a member of the Third Generation

The Trustwarren was one of the most important caverns in the entire cave complex, evidenced by the fact that it was one of the only rooms lit by oil lamps. It was circular and had metal walls, which may have been constructed of aluminum or otherwise intended to protect the Trust from Ruin.[3] In the center there was a platform about a foot tall made of steel, with a small hole in the center.[4] It served a number of functions such as a meeting room for the entire kandra people, a courtroom, and as the location of the Trust.

The Trust was the name given by the kandra to the Lord Ruler's atium cache, which was part of Ruin's power. The vast majority of the atium mined in the Pits never left the complex but was instead smuggled into the Homeland, to be hidden under the platform in the center of the Trustwarren. This was done to deny Ruin access to a part of his power. The atium used to pay for service Contracts was also added to the Trust.[5]

Other Locations of Note[edit]

Not much is known about the different areas of the Homeland apart from the Trustwarren. However, the following locations were either mentioned or seen.

  • A cavern where food for the kandra, a kind of fungus was grown in stone pits.
  • A prison where renegade kandra are kept.


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