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Related to The Lord Ruler
Era Classical Scadrial
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Kalkis[fn 1] are rumored metal beings created by the Lord Ruler on Scadrial.[1]

Kalkis are thought to have been created at some point during the Final Empire. They supposedly stayed hidden until the post-Catacendre era, when they were rediscovered by a Scadrian nobleman named Stefan Sauvage. Sauvage referred to them as "Unknown Constructs of Antiquity" and claimed to know the location of a living tribe of kalkis.[1] Their existence has not been confirmed.


Stefan Sauvage's Map[edit]

Sauvage commissioned a large tapestry map of New Seran in 336 PC;[2] he added a secret pocket to the map and enclosed a letter to his daughter Nicelle that included instructions on how to find the kalkis. Nothing is known of how or where he found them. Stefan died under unknown circumstances and left the map to Nicelle as her inheritance.[1]

The Ghastly Gondola Incident[edit]

My dearest Nicelle,
In this letter I am at long last able to disclose to you the secrets of the Unknown Constructs of Antiquity...

—Stefan Sauvage's letter to Nicelle[1]

After Stefan's death, Nicelle (also known as Nicki Savage) seemed to be aware that her father had hidden instructions in the map and set out on a "quest" to continue his research. In 342 PC, she was in New Seran and got into an altercation with Nazh, who wanted the map for cartographic purposes. Nazh appeared to be ignorant of the hidden pocket, referring to it as "just a stupid map". The map was torn into two pieces during the scuffle, which took place on a gondola; Nazh absconded with the larger portion of the map (and later annotated it for Khriss),[2] but Nicelle retained the piece with the hidden pocket. After briefly encountering a man matching Hoid's description, she went home and read her father's letter.[1]


Although kalkis are not mentioned by anyone who lived during Classical Scadrial, that does not preclude their existence; the planet has large, diverse landmasses and a relatively small population.[3] Entire societies lived with no contact for well over a thousand years,[4] so it is feasible that a small tribe of beings could stay hidden for even longer.

Nicelle's depiction of the incident with Nazh appeared as part of a serialized broadsheet story in the embellished style of Allomancer Jak, making it difficult to separate fact from fiction;[5] kalkis are otherwise unknown, and may be apocryphal. However, a gondola was in fact damaged in New Seran[1] and Nazh had a ripped portion of Stefan's map,[2] implying that parts of Nicelle's story were accurate.


  • Nicelle's story was written by Isaac Stewart, and could be continued in a future novella.[6]


  1. It is unclear if "kalki" exists as a singular form.
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