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Kale Tekiel
House Tekiel
Relatives Tevidian Tekiel, Salmen Tekiel, Vin, Vin's sister
Died c. 1022 FE
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Kale Tekiel is a noble in the Final Empire on Scadrial, shortly before the Collapse.[1]

After House Tekiel's reputation and finances were destroyed in the house war, Tekiel tried to leave Luthadel, but the show of weakness was too much for other Luthadel nobility. Some of Tekiel's leadership was assassinated, and the rest had been killed on their canal boats, which were set on fire. This was the work of House Hasting.[1]

Kale was implied to be one of the Tekiel nobles who were murdered. Telden Hasting said to Elend Venture that the house war would be no big deal, and that soon everyone would look back and wonder what the fuss was about, but Elend knew the stakes were higher, and Kale certainly wouldn't be able look back, since he was killed with the other Tekiels.[1]


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