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'''Kaise''' is an [[Arelish]] girl.
'''Kaise''' is an [[Arelene]] girl.
== Family ==
== Family ==

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Teo Royal Family
Parents Kiin, Daora
Siblings Lukel, Adien, Daorn
Relatives Sarene, Teorn, Eventeo
Born Year of Reod[1]
Nationality Arelene
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Kaise is an Arelene girl.


She is the daughter of Kiin and Daora; sister of Lukel, Daorn, and Adien. She is the cousin of Sarene.


She is always hungry, which makes sense as Kiin is her father and he makes excellent food. She spends lots of time in the kitchen with him, bugging him for food. She can speak five languages including JinDo and Svordish.[2] She is very intelligent, even more so than Daorn, her twin. She reprimands Sarene for her bad table manners, saying that she has dropped over half her food on the floor and that a princess should know how to use MaiPon sticks. She and Daorn argue a lot and claim to look nothing alike, even though they look almost identical. She also has ADHD.[3] She was born around the time of the Reod (she looked about ten to Sarene).[1]


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