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Spouse Molly
Titles First of Alornia,
Keeper of the Seventeen Lanterns,
Master of Ultimate Lancing,
Slayer of Galbrometh
Homeworld Alornia
Universe Wode States
Introduced In Perfect State

What's so special about a body? Yes, we have brains, you and I. What we 'feel' and 'think' is the result of chemicals swimming around inside our heads. How is that so different from the emotions of the Machineborn? Bits or hormones, does it matter?

—Kai to Sophie[1]

Kairominas is the Liveborn ruler of Alornia, his home State. Having united all of Alornia on his 300th birthday, Kai's youth was exciting and adventure filled. The fifty years following the unification of Alornia threatened to bore Kai, though he developed a nemesis in a neighboring Liveborn called Melhi. Melhi and Kai have since skirmished in Border States between their two States, as well as within Alornia.

Around his 350th birthday, Kai is contacted by the Wode, asking him to travel to a Communal State, meet with a woman, and procreate. While in the Communal State Kai partakes in an insightful discussion with his date, Sophie, and manages to defeat a giant robot sent by Melhi. Kai also learns that Sophie is one of Melhi's robots as well, and returns to Alornia with a longing to learn about other Liveborn rather than continuing to follow the preplanned path for his home State.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kai is described as having strong features. His hair curls down to his shoulders, and he keeps his beard neat, squared, and about as long as a finger.

Kai is a very good leader, loved by his subjects. He is very honorable, and puts the lives of others, even other Machineborn, above his own. He has a very scientific mind, and has devoted many years to the study of his magic, Lancing. He views his position as Ruler of Alornia with great respect and takes it very seriously, even though he knows it is all essentially a game.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Kai has a magical ability called Lancing. He is the only practitioner of it, and has spent recent years studying its use. While Lancing, Kai enters a state known as Lancesight, which allows him to see energy. Kai can then manipulate this energy, moving, molding, and applying it. Lancing also allows Kai to create barriers, and even allows him to translate speech.

Combat Skills[edit]

Kai is very proficient in the art of combat. This is evident by the many accomplishments he has performed in life, such as slaying dragons, barbarians, and robots. Kai even manages to cripple a gunman in the city of Maltese by using a metal rod as a sword.

Hacking and Boosts[edit]

Kai, as a Liveborn, has the ability to hack the world around him. Though he himself claims he is not very proficient at hacking[2], he has various Boosts. Boosts are enhancements to the individual's skills, and Kai seems to have multiple mental boosts within himself. Whether he gave himself these boosts through hacking, or he acquired them through some other means is unknown.


Before Unification[edit]

Not much is said about Kai's life before the unification of Alornia. It is mentioned that he used to partake on epic quests such as hunting dragons, like Galbrometh, Kai's most famous slain dragon, and searching for hidden treasures and secrets, such as the magical sword Indelebrean, Kai's personal weapon. Other adventures are mentioned, such as when Kai got trapped in the Tendrils of Sashim, and Shale had to carry him fifty miles.[2] It is also mentioned that he was an orphan.[3]

Unification of Alornia[edit]

Kai eventually set out to unify all of his home State, Alornia. Kai states that his State consisted of forty different kingdoms on one continent, and only unification stopped the constant warfare.[1] He also states that there are multiple continents.[2]

Alornia was finally unified on Kai's 300th birthday.

After Unification[edit]

Unification brought with it stagnation. Kai's kingdom quickly learned to rule itself through imperial senates, diplomats, and ministers, and Kai only needs to step in when mistakes are made. As a result, Kai began to truly study Lancing, his magic powers. He's learned much and has become very powerful, though he still cannot control the weather.

Kai also became aware of Border States after the unification of Alornia. In one such Border State, Kai became acquainted with Melhi, the individual who would become Kai's nemesis.[4] Kai and Melhi would begin to fight each other within various Border States, and some battles even occurred in Alornia itself. Their conflict has gone on for 20 years, with their first meeting 10 years prior to that.[5]


When Kai is summoned by the Wode to Maltese, a Communal State, to procreate, he meets Sophie. He and Sophie begin at odds with each other due to conflicting views of the worlds set up by the Wode. Through conversation, however, Kai comes to really like Sophie, and even begins to develop some romantic feelings for her.

Melhi attacks Maltese while Kai is on his date with Sophie by sending a giant robot. Kai, with Sophie's help, sets out to destroy the robot to save the people of the city. Sophie hacks the system to allow Kai's Lancing to function, though it does so in an altered way. Kai, thinking quickly, is able to use the altered form of Lancing to stop the robot, destroying it. Sophie proceeds to commit suicide, revealing she was a robot sent by Melhi as well.

Kai returns to Alornia, no longer wishing to stay alone within his own State. He reaches out to the Wode, requesting information on the States and Liveborn near his, intent on ending his solitude.


I think that's the most primitive thing I've ever heard anyone say, and I've fought barbarians.

—Kai to Sophie[1]

Fantastical does not mean primitive.

—Kai to Sophie[5]


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