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Abilities Elantrian
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Kahar is an Elantrian on Sel.[1]

He was a cleaner before being taken by the Shaod[1], and continued with this profession in New Elantris.[2]

Raoden sets Kahar off cleaning the chapel, and he enthusiastically does this. He (re)discovers the reliefs which decorate the walls, and is then set to cleaning the streets and surrounding buildings of New Elantris.[3]

He joins Raoden's band with a promise from Raoden for the secret to not submitting to the Reod, and discovers it while working on the chapel; being distracted by work helps him forget the pain.[3]

During the Invasion of Arelon, Derethi soldiers and Dakhor monks attack New Elantris. When Galladon returns after the attack he finds Kahar is missing an arm and both legs. He credited the old man for almost single-handedly cleaning all of New Elantris.[2]


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