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Abilities Elantrian
Ethnicity Aonic
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

I haven't been hungry in days, my lord. It is the most amazing feeling in the world—I don’t even notice the pain anymore.

—Kahar having discovered the "secret"[1]

Kahar is an Elantrian on Sel who cleaned New Elantris.[2]


Kahar was a cleaner before being taken by the Shaod, he used to wash streets.[2]

He was the first Elantrian to join Raoden's band on his own initiative. The first few members were saved by Raoden just after being thrown in Elantris, but Kahar heard stories on the streets that Raoden supposedly had a secret to make the pain go away, and joins him in the hope of discovering this secret.[2] Raoden sets Kahar off cleaning the former chapel they use as a base, and he enthusiastically does this. He rediscovers the reliefs which decorate the walls, and then proudly proceeds to clean the streets and surrounding buildings of New Elantris,[1][3][4][5] not being stopped by the fact that the slime is oily and difficult to scrub away.[6]

While working on the chapel he discovers the "secret" to not submitting to the Reod; being distracted by work helps him forget the pain.[1]

During the Invasion of Arelon, Derethi soldiers and Dakhor monks attack New Elantris. When Galladon returns after the attack he finds Kahar is missing an arm and both legs. He credits the old man for almost single-handedly cleaning all of New Elantris.[7]


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