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Abilities Elantrian
Profession Cleaner
Residence Elantris
Ethnicity Aonic
Homeworld Sel
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Elantris

I haven't been hungry in days, my lord. It is the most amazing feeling in the world—I don’t even notice the pain anymore.

—Kahar, after discovering Raoden's "secret"[1]

Kahar is an Elantrian on Sel who cleaned New Elantris.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is an older man with a thin and stooped appearance. Although the corrupted Shaod made all Elantrians look older, Kahar has an even more wizened appearance than most.[2] He hobbles when he walks.[1]

He is polite and has a practiced air of subservience. Like many Elantrians during the Shaod, he is apathetic and suffering, to the point where he thinks he might become Hoed.[2] Once he is assigned to clean the city, he shows himself to be extremely diligent and resourceful, and he takes great pride in his work.[1] He is fastidious[3] and prefers to observe proper decorum.[4]


Before being taken by the Shaod, Kahar was a cleaner who washed streets.[2]

He was the first Elantrian to join Raoden's band on his own initiative. After Raoden saved a few new Elantrians who had been thrown into the ruined city, Kahar heard rumors on the streets that Raoden had a secret to make the pain go away, and joined him hoping to be let in on this secret.[2]

Raoden tasked Kahar with cleaning the former chapel that his team was using as a base. Kahar quickly threm himself into this task, and realized that he still retained his cleaning skills. Despite the fact that the slime covering the city was oily and difficult to scrub away,[5] Kahar was able to make the chapel look spotless, even rediscovering the reliefs which decorated the walls. While working on the chapel he discovered the "secret" to not becoming Hoed; being distracted by work helped him forget the pain.[1]

Raoden and Kahar then discussed the importance of removing the filth from the streets and surrounding buildings, and Kahar was not daunted by the scope of the task.[1] He was given a small crew of assistants, and Raoden tried to procure additional cleaning supplies for him when he could.[1][3] Kahar tirelessly washed and scrubbed New Elantris as it expanded. He cleaned the city almost single-handedly, and the work continued to keep his pain at bay.[4][6]

During the Invasion of Arelon, Derethi soldiers and Dakhor monks attacked New Elantris. Galladon saw that Kahar had lost an arm and both legs in the fighting.[6] It is unclear if Kahar died from his injuries or if he survived to see the restoration of Elantris.


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