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Type Game
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Kabers is a cardgame on Roshar.

Yalb played with four guards outside the Palanaeum in Kharbranth whist waiting for Shallan to finish her meeting with Jasnah Kholin.[1] He won around eighty chips from the guards by cheating.

It is if you're a sailor, young miss. [Cheating's] what they right expected from me. Watched me like handlers of poisonous skyeels, they did. The game wasn't about the cards — it was about them trying to figure how I was cheating and me trying to figure how to keep them from hauling me off. I think I might not have managed to walk away with my skin if you hadn't arrived!
Yalb discussing the ethics of his cheating with Shallan[1]


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