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Homeworld Detritus
Universe Cytoverse

The warrior cannot choose her bed; she must bless the stars if she can choose her battlefield.

—A quote from Junmi’s, The Conquest of Space.[1]

Junmi is the author of The Conquest of Space. As Spensa was told stories about Junmi by her grandmother while growing up, it is likely that this book is autobiographical to at least some extent. If so, Junmi was a spacefarer involved in exploring and conquering, potentially violently, some amount of the universe. She held some sort of belief that people should be accepting and grateful for what they are given in life.[1]

Spensa throughly enjoyed being told stories about Junmi while she was growing up and believes that she liked these stories almost as much as she liked stories about the Vikings. Stories of Junmi contain fewer decapitations than stories of the Vikings.[1]


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