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World Yolen
Featured In Dragonsteel Prime
This page or section contains details from the unpublished work Dragonsteel Prime!
This information has the ability to potentially ruin elements of the plot of any currently released book for the reader. It should also be considered uncanonical and will potentially completely change in the future.

Jerick is a character from the unpublished work Dragonsteel Prime.[1]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Jerick was one of the first characters that Brandon Sanderson created, appearing in the very first story he wrote in his mid-teens.[1] He was originally named "Rick",[1] and at one point he was an elf.[2] He was a hero character that was falsely accused of murder;[1] Brandon later cited him as an example of a "flawless hero" in his writing who did not have internal struggles like those of Vin or Dalinar.[3]

Brandon has mentioned including Jerick as part of a rewritten Dragonsteel series on several occasions over the years,[4][1] but this would not occur until after the completion of The Stormlight Archive.[5] Because characters and plot points were cannibalized from Dragonsteel Prime to improve The Way of Kings,[6][7] Jerick's character arc would need to be significantly changed.[8]


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