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Janie by Hayley Lazo cropped.jpeg
Nationality Nalhallan
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Janie is the royal wardrobe coordinator for Nalhalla.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Janie like most Free Kingdoms citizens, wears Free Kingdom clothing. She is noted for wearing trendy clothing such as a fancy tunic with a giant bow as a belt, and patterned sleeves. Janie has long, slightly wavey hair, large eyebrows and a prominent nose.[1]


Janie was responsible for seeing Alcatraz dressed after the Hushlands attack on Mokia. She tried to get Alcatraz to dress up in what he considered, ridiculous costumes such as a clown suit, dog costume, and a frog costume. The reason she gave was that the people wanted the previous monarch to look ridiculous so they wouldn't be able to take back power after relinquishing it. Alcatraz accidentally broke the trunk containing the costumes while testing his ability to power glass.[1]

Sometime prior to Alcatraz and his companions leaving for the Hushlands on a Penguinator from Mokia, Janie gathered various Hushlander clothes and stored them on the Penguinator for Alcatraz to wear. She provided a wide array of what Alcatraz would consider normal clothing, though threw in a chicken costume just in case.[2]


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