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Related to Classical Scadrial
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Jaism was a religion on Scadrial before the ascension of the Lord Ruler and the establishment of the Final Empire. No mention is given of any specific geographic areas for its origin or if it was prevalent anywhere.

Jaism was founded by a single man whose name was lost to history. His followers called him "The Ja". The Ja preached discord, and for that he was murdered by a local king (probably long before the Lord Ruler). This only made his followers more zealous.

Non-Jaists often were annoyed with Jaists - Jaists believed "that they earned happiness proportional to their overt devotion, and they were known for frequent and fervent professions of faith", i.e., causing discord. They also ended most of their sentences with the phrase, "Praise the Ja."

Jaism was destroyed shortly after the ascension of the Lord Ruler; its adherents were not difficult to find. However, every last one had to be killed, according to the Steel Ministry's belief, as not a single Jaist would accept the Lord Ruler as a deity.

Sazed told Kelsier about Jaism when the latter asked to hear about a religion with power.[1]


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