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World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Kelsier stepped up to the island's edge, the ribbon of Preservation's essence curling past him and leading onto the island, like a mythical string showing the way home from the grand maze of Ishathon.

— Kelsier's thoughts in the Cognitive Realm[1]

Ishathon is a mythical location spoken of in stories on Scadrial.[1] The myth is Scadrial-specific.[2]

There was said to be a great maze at Ishathon, and in stories a string was used to find the way out.[1]

When the Cognitive shadow of Kelsier followed a thread of Preservation's essence to meet Khriss and Nazh on the island in the Cognitive Realm that corresponds to Lake Luthadel, he compared following Preservation to being guided by the mythical string from the maze of Ishathon.[1]


Although this myth is obviously based on myths on Earth, it developed independently on Scadrial. Brandon deliberately put it in the novel to demonstrate how often similar stories can spawn in different isolated cultures.[2]


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