Irongate River

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Irongate River
Type River
Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Irongate River is the main river in the Elendel Basin.[1] It starts at the eastern edge of the basin and then flows directly through Elendel, splits around the Field of Rebirth, and finally into the Hammondar Bay.


The main body of the river flows fairly straight westwards from its source in the east.[1] The source of the river appears to lie far east of the Basin, near the former Crescent Dominance, and it enters the Basin through a gap between the Faleast Range and the Seran Range.[2] Inside the city proper, the river has been engineered to flow due west through a large canal, and has been split such that it flows around the circular island forming the Field of Rebirth. After flowing under the three bridges close to the Northside Sixth Octant precinct it opens out under the outer ring-road bridge and flows into Hammondar Bay.[3] The six major canals which channel the other six rivers in Elendel Basin are all also engineered to flow into the river around the Field of Rebirth, forming the other spokes which border the eight Octants of Elendel.[3]

A rail line travels the length of the river along the southern bank, terminating at the inner ring-road of the Third Octant, with further connections through to most of the other rail lines.[3] Outside the city the rail deviates from the river, providing a straighter route out to Steinel. Two spurs from the main line provide access to stations on the river at Dryport and across the river closer to Seinel. At Steinel the rail forks, one branch following the river more closely out to the eastern mountains, the other travelling south west to Elmsdel and Garmet.[1] At least fifteen stations lie along the river, five of which in the city boundaries.

Lady Carmine Feltry is planning on opening a racetrack for motorcars on the old fairgrounds near the river.[4]


Wax once visited Eastbridge which spans the river and provides a crossing point for both the outer ring-road and one of the rail stations.[5] Wax was both impressed by the scale of the construction and humbled by the fact that it could be so easily obscured by the mists. While chasing Bleeder, he caught up to her at Eastbridge and their final fight occured on the bridge, over the river.[6]

Before leaving for New Seran, Wayne caught a boat in Elendel and asked to reserve it for the whole day, starting with a trip to the Third Octant, which included traveling on the Irongate.[7]


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