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Profession Royal inspector
Residence Diggen's Point
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea

Tress's biggest challenge would be the current cargo inspector.

Inspector is the royal inspector stationed at Diggen's Point on Lumar. Her duties include checking the authenticity of writs of commission and searching outgoing cargo for stowaways.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She seemed too stern to be fully human. As if instead of being born, she'd been spawned—and instead of growing up, she’d metastasized.

Hoid's description of the inspector[1]

Inspector is a severe, strict woman who wears the official uniform of a royal inspector: a coat of bright red and gold which covers past the knees.[1][2] She carries a large rod and is always searching for an excuse to deliver punishment. She is meticulous and takes her job very seriously, going so far as to weigh bags of feathers and stab barrels of salt in order to detect stowaways. Additionally, she utilizes a stethoscope to listen for breathing and movement in barrels of ale. Reportedly, Inspector has excellent hearing, capable of hearing the very heartbeats of stowaways. Her dedication to her job poses the greatest barrier to Tress in leaving the island.[1]


Inspector came to Diggen's Point less than a year before Tress left to search for Charlie. She refused to give the locals her name and instead, believing that she wouldn't be there "long enough for names to matter," demanded that they address her solely by her title. During the intervening time, she cultivated a very strong reputation for strictness and inspected every load leaving the island.[1] Tress impersonated the inspector in order to escape Diggen's Point, as a royal inspector was one of the few positions which were allowed to leave.[1][3] She stole the inspector's spare uniform, which her mother altered to fit her. They also altered the dock registry to indicate that the Oot's Dream would be casting off at a later time than it really did. Just after the Oot's Dream departed, Inspector arrived at the docks; however, by that time, Tress had already gone through with her impersonation and secured passage on the ship.[2]

It is not clear if Inspector was still the one filling the position at Diggen's Point when Tress and Charlie returned on the Two Cups.[4]


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