Immerling Arms

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Immerling Arms
Immerling Arms.jpg
Products Firearms
City Elendel
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Immerling makes a Coinshot from a Common Man!

Immerling Arms is an armament manufacturer in Elendel on Scadrial, established in 314 PC.[1] They primarily specialize in a patented "Break-Frame Mechanism" for loading bullets into the cylinder, as opposed to the typical swing-out design favored by most of manufacturers of the period. They are described as slightly inferior to the custom firearms made by Ranette.[2]


Model .44[edit]

The Immerling .44 is a long-barreled revolver primarily marketed towards lawmen and constables.[1]

Model .44-S[edit]

The Immerling .44-S is a snubnose variant of the model .44. It is designed to be easier to conceal, although the accuracy suffers due to the shorter barrel. Wax carries one in a shoulder holster when he does not want to appear overtly armed.[2]


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