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Nationality Striker
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Emperor's Soul

Hurli is a Striker guard in the Rose Palace.

He guards Shai while she is crafting Ashravan's Essence Mark.[1]

He has two young children, and is having an affair with a fellow guard.[1] He secretly wishes that he was carpenter, like his father. He also likes to act less intelligent than he really is, in order to win card games.

Shai forges a letter from the Bloodsealer they call weedfingers to trick Hurli.[1] She makes Hurli believe that the Bloodsealer is collecting nails, hair, and personal items belonging to him and the other guards in order to take control of their bodies and kidnap someone. Hurli and Yil assault the Bloodsealer, which results in him drinking too much and arriving too late to renew the stamp imprisoning Shai.

Shai believed that Hurli and her other guards would be reassigned to a backwater guard post after she finished her work, possibly guarding passes to the Teo Peninsula.[2]


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