Howard Righton's bunker

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Howard Righton's bunker
City Babilar
Region Long Island
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight
This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

Howard Righton's bunker is a submerged hideout used by the Reckoners in Babilar.[1] By taking careful pains to keep any surfaces of water out of their submarine and the bunker, the Reckoners manage to hide the base's location from Regalia until David Charleston reveals it to her on purpose.[2][3]


Howard Righton built a secure nuclear fallout bunker on Long Island. It was submerged when Regalia flooded New York City and founded Babilar. The local Reckoners cell took over the bunker as their secure hideout, making a few modifications in order to use a submarine to access it directly.[1] After the Reckoners operated out of it undetected for roughly two years,[4] Megan Tarash snuck into it by stowing away on the sub.[5] Prof was aware of her presence there, and, believing her to be working for Regalia, declared the base no longer secure.[6] After he was left behind at the base, David used a Walther to crack the window of the conference room and collected a pool of water to be able to ask Regalia for help. She further flooded the bunker in order to extract David.[3]


The bunker is characterized by a lot of open space, lush carpets, and hardwood paneling. There is a bar with crystal and lounge chairs, a library, and twelve furnished bedrooms. The bedroom David uses is four times the size of his old apartment in Newcago.[1] One full wall of the conference room is a glass panel looking out into the water.[7]

Its basement for food storage is broken open on one end, creating a flooded chamber where the Reckoners can dock their submarine; the ceiling of the chamber has a docking seal in it, allowing them to climb right up into the main sitting room. The bunker has an airtight filtration system. One of the rooms that serves as a large dining area and also hosts a piano is topped with a six-inch dome of acrylic, serving as a sort of skylight into the ocean. The skylight has a retractable steel plate, but by the time the Reckoners are using the bunker, it is jammed open.[1]


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