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House Evavakh

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House Evavakh
Type Family
Homeland Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Books The Stormlight Archive

House Evavakh is a family in Alethkar on Roshar which opposed Gavilar Kholin's unification of Alethkar.[1]

In 1143, Dalinar and Gavilar and their armies were stationed at a highstorm shelter just inside Evavakh lands, threatening Evavakh and collecting tribute from the farms nearby. The waystop was used for over four months, and various nobles traveled to the waystop to dine with the Kholins. Notably, a visiting Toh and Evi attended a feast, leading to Dalinar and Evi meeting for the first time. During the meal, Dalinar thwarted an assassination attempt on Gavilar; Torol Sadeas assumed that House Evavakh was behind it.[1]


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