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World of Origin Earth (Frugal Wizard)

Hordaland is the homeland of the Hordamen. It is east of Weswara across the ocean, and near Norweg, Dansic, and the lands of the Geats[1].

John West recognizes the Hordamen as the equivalent to Vikings[1], so Hordaland is presumably equivalent to some part of Scandinavia.

Hordamen warriors are disciplined fighters, not "thoughtless barbarians", according to John West.


The Hordamen conquered Norweg and Dansic and pushed the Weswarans into their current land of Weswara[2]. At the time of John West's arrival on the alternate medieval Earth, they are raiding Weswara, and their raids are becoming very threatening[3][4]. Woden has abandoned the Weswarans in favor of the Hordamen by this point[1].

Shortly afterward, Woden incites a major invasion of Hordamen intended to destroy the Weswarans[5] in order to eliminate the "outsiders" from another dimension[6] and to serve as an example to intimidate his other worshippers[7]. This invasion fails due to Sefawynn stirring up the wights against the Hordamen[6][8].

Abilities and TechnologyEdit

The Hordamen have skops, who they call skalds[9]. On raids, Hordamen skops use boasts to intimidate the landswights, removing the protective effect of the defenders' runestones. The raid first encountered by John, Sefawynn, and Ealstan has one skop per ship[1].

Hordamen raids use Viking-style longships with dragon figureheads. These ships each have a dozen or so rowers on each side[1]. Hordaland has a large number of ships available; the major invasion involves hundreds of ships[5].

Hordamen warriors fight in ranks and use leather or chain shirts, helms, shields, axes[5], and swords[6]. On raiding ships, only the captain of each ship has a chain shirt; others rely on shields[1].


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