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Highprince of Works

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Highprince of Works
Related to Alethkar, Alethi culture, Highprince
Type Title
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

Hatham does an excellent job as Highprince of Works, but there isn’t proper infrastructure... Equally important, Brightness, we might be facing a severe labor shortage.

— Issues faced by living in Urithiru[1]

The Highprince of Works is a title bestowed by the Alethi king onto one of his highprinces on Roshar. It is unclear if the Highprince of Works role existed previously when kingdom duties were split between the different highprinces.[2] It is currently held by Highprince Hatham.[1]

The Highprince of Works appears to be responsible for kingdom's public works, such as cleaning and maintaining the infrastructure.[1][3] In Urithiru, he's responsible for the upkeep of public lavatories, providing water to the inhabitants of the tower and packing goods to be distributed throughout the Alethi holdings. He has the ability to draft the soldiers, caravan workers, and low-nahn citizens to work, although his power in this regard is limited, as they are not slaves and require compensation for their work.[1][4] In addition, his men are attempting to grow food on Urithiru's balcony-farms, though so far they haven't had much success.[3]

In the time period between Gavilar's unification of the country and the True Desolation, Alethkar did not have a Highprince of Works. In the aftermath of the Everstorm's arrival, Hatham was given the title and tasked with making Urithiru livable for its current population. Though he is doing as admirably, the semi-functional state of the tower city makes his task extremely difficult and living in the tower is unsustainable without outside trade.[1] He has also received push back from members of the lower class who do not wish to assist with tasks previously performed by parshmen, as they believe they are above menial tasks.[5]


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